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Kagayakey is a combination of the the English word “key” and the Japanese word “kagayaki” which means ‘shine or glimmer’. In the sense that this site aims to be the key to opening the doorway to the magic of everything that is Disney in Japan.


The information on this blog will be chiefly related to Japan’s Disney parks, stores, and live events. The content of this blog is geared toward English speakers of Western countries, in particular USA, Canada and the U.K. as suggestions or advice will be catered in that manner.


How much do you know about Tokyo Disney? You might even be surprised to know that there are not one but two Disney parks in Japan.

There are several blogs and news sites about the US and Paris parks but there is very little online presence of the grandeur that is Tokyo Disney Resort. The lack of accessible information is largely due to the base language [Japanese] which makes it quite difficult to know about magical happenings. Thus the aim of this blog is to bring you Disney-related news from Japan because it really is worth sharing.


This blog is constructed for informational purposes only and is not affiliated with the The Walt Disney Company. No profit is intended from the makings of this blog.