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Wonderland Unibearsity: The Queen of Hearts

The Wonderland Unibearsity line-up is wrapping up with the arrival of Her Majesty, in all her ruby glory. Advertisements

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Zootopia in Stores (Disney Store Exclusive)

The latest Disney movie has just surpassed the billion dollar mark in sales. With its popularity still on the rise, it looks like the Disney Store’s own merchandise line will follow soon after.

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Disney Crystal Dream: The Little Mermaid (Disney Store Exclusive Merchandise Line)

Look at this stuff. Isn’t it neat? Little Mermaid Fans, you don’t want to miss out on this exclusive collection!

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Little Princesses in Glass Figures

The concept of “cute and small” is such a common theme in Japan that it is well defined in the coined Japanese word “chibi“. The princesses themselves have become a part of this trend and have been transformed into a much more simple, tiny, and glassy manner.

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Star Wars Force Awakens Tsum Tsums

With the Blu-ray and DVD of the newest Star Wars film also comes the release of the franchise as Tsum Tsums. What’s interesting this time around is that there are two versions for a couple of the movie’s key characters.

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Gold and Silver Shine at the Disney Store

On very rare occasions do pins get released at the Disney Store. It seems that the recent emblem pin series at Tokyo Disney have also made their way to the local shops.