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The Unibearsity Tsums of Wonderland

Released on February 11th is the second lineup of Unibearsity tsums featuring key characters from the classic Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland.  Advertisements

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Cinderella: The First Princess Unibear

As one of the first Disney princesses, it seems fitting that Cinderella starts off the newest UniBEARsity line – PrincessBear by UniBEARsity.

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Unibears Finally Turned Tsums

Arguably more popular than tsums, the long overdue Unibear tsums finally arrive in stores on December 9th. The tsums come in 3 forms, individual tsums, a box set, and two mediums. Only Mickey and Minnie are sold as medium plushes. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Chip & Dale are all available as individually sold mini tsums… Continue reading Unibears Finally Turned Tsums

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The Cloud Babies: Ufufy

A new line of plush toys debuted in Disney Stores in Japan on November 3rd. Described as having been “born from clouds”, hence their incredibly airy feel and soft pastel colours, are Ufufys (pronounced as “oo-foo-fee”). 

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Sleeping Beauty Tsums

The first set of tsums available for retail from the 3rd anniversary box set is none other than the sleeping princess and her fellow cast mates. Seven tsums come as part of this lineup – Aurora, Prince Philip, Maleficent, Dragon Maleficent, and the 3 faeries of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. Maleficent tsums especially have significant differences… Continue reading Sleeping Beauty Tsums

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Monsters Inc. Tsums Finally Come to Japan

US/UK had already seen the release of the beloved Pixar tsums and they will finally make their entrance into Japan on October 18th. Yes, the same day as the 3rd anniversary box set. Similar to the US/UK will see the release of both Boos, Mike, Sully, Randall, Celia, Fungus, and Roz. Along with the minis… Continue reading Monsters Inc. Tsums Finally Come to Japan

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Tsum Tsums Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with Limited Box Set

Oct 18th marks the 3rd anniversary of the Tsum Tsum franchise and to celebrate a special limited edition box will go on sale across Disney Stores in Japan and online. Let’s take a closer look at what characters will be featured this time. The 1st anniversary box set contained 40 tsums, the 2nd 15 tsums,… Continue reading Tsum Tsums Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with Limited Box Set