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BATB Princess Bear: Lumiere & Cogsworth

The Beauty and the Beast Unibearsity series completes its lineup with the bears of Cogsworth and Lumiere.

With a month gap since the release of Mrs. Potts & Chip and nearly four months since Belle and Beast, it is the second time that Unibears of the same series have a separate release date. In addition, it is the the biggest set to date with a total of six bears compromising the BATB line.

As with the Unibear nomenclature trend, Lumiere and Cogsworth bear French names. Lumiere’s bear is named Lucian which is a name for boys meaning “light”, and Cogsworth’s is Horloge which is French for “clock”.

Lucian is a white bear whose limbs depict its animated character’s key features. Both his arms extend into candelabras and the orange fur point outwards from both arms and the top of his head to illuminate the candle fire. His nose is pointedly sharper and shows a visible smirk. The gold of the candelabra is depicted in the yellow tone of his tors, the bands encircling his legs, and the gold collar around his neck.


Horloge has a body made up of an autumn orange which is significantly different from the brown of his movie counterpart. The hair atop his head bears the same color and is shaped to be the curved ornaments similar to that of the character. He wears a plush clock that falls on his chest along with a gold bow. His small button nose is flatter than the usual Unibear nose, making it look like the the center cap of a clock.

Sold separately from the bears are their respective full-body costumes should you want to make them look more like the characters they depict.

With this, the entire ensemble has finally gathered to celebrate a feast of friendship.




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