Tsum Tsums

Ninja Tsums and a Ducky Princess

Japan’s Disney broadcasting channel, D-Life, celebrates 5 years with ninja tsums and a princess. Ninjas Donald, Tigger, Mickey and Princess Daisy are coming to Japan Disney Stores on March 26th.

Donald has a permanently frowning bill and slanted eyes to show off his warrior face. His weapon of choice is a Sai which is tied across his body and is carried on his back.

Mickey’s fashionable gear lies across his forehead and, like Donald, carries a weapon in the form of a katana (a Japanese sword).

Tigger is the only one of the three ninjas that does not have his weapon tied across his body, but rather it is laid over his back in the form of a shuriken (a bladed throwing projectile).

Last but not least is her majesty Daisy who takes after a traditional Japanese noble woman of the court as shown by her elaborate headdress and a colourful multi-layered robe.



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