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New Ufufys: Timothy Mouse, Bambi, Thumper, and Miss Bunny

In the spirit of springtime, four new Ufufys from classic Disney movies will be coming to stores on April 3rd. Three out of the four Ufufuys come from Bambi, and the last one from Dumbo. Each retails for 700 yen without tax. Advertisements

Tsum Tsums

Ninja Tsums and a Ducky Princess

Japan’s Disney broadcasting channel, D-Life, celebrates 5 years with ninja tsums and a princess. Ninjas Donald, Tigger, Mickey and Princess Daisy are coming to Japan Disney Stores on March 26th. Donald has a permanently frowning bill and slanted eyes to show off his warrior face. His weapon of choice is a Sai which is tied across… Continue reading Ninja Tsums and a Ducky Princess

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(Very) Fluffy Easter Bunny Tsum Tsums

Along with the new carrier shape of the set, Easter tsum tsums in Japan this year will be fluffier than ever before.