Disney Store

Zootopia in Stores (Disney Store Exclusive)

The latest Disney movie has just surpassed the billion dollar mark in sales. With its popularity still on the rise, it looks like the Disney Store’s own merchandise line will follow soon after.

Zootopia has been playing in Japan for nearly two months, but the merchandise came out in Disney Stores nearly a month prior. The style is reminiscent of the latest Mickey Mouse cartoons and in a much more vibrant fashion.

The rabbit and fox duo make up a majority of the merchandise with the recurring theme of Judy Hopps chasing and/or catching Nick Wilde. It doesn’t stop there though as other colourful  Zootopians make their appearance alongside the main characters.

Starting off with accessories from top left clockwise are earrings, earphone jacks, and hair ties.

The hand towel has Nick and Judy embroidered in the corners, a Judy coin pouch with Nick’s ears slyly peeking out from the side, and a smart phone case with Judy’s fluffy ears and tail adorning the sides.Stickers, a fun notebook, and a memo pad.

And lastly, a shopping bag and probably one of the greatest backpacks around.

Check these out at your nearest Disney Store!



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