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Disney Crystal Dream: The Little Mermaid (Disney Store Exclusive Merchandise Line)

Look at this stuff. Isn’t it neat? Little Mermaid Fans, you don’t want to miss out on this exclusive collection!

Occasionally the Disney Store teams up with renowned fashion brands to create a character-based merchandise line. Similar to the lolita-inspired Alice in Wonderland, the next Disney girl in the spotlight is our beloved red-headed royalty under the sea.

Summer is the rising theme at the Disney Store so it’s only fitting that Ariel takes the spot. In collaboration with the brand Angelic Pretty which is known for its feminine style and soft hues, Ariel kicks off the summer season as the star of the Disney Crystal Dream merchandise line.

The designs feature Ariel splashing about underwater alongside Flounder and Sebastian. The style aims to capture the playfulness of the mermaid princess and the beauty of the sea through the use of pastel marine hues and opalescent jewels.

First up are the jewels starting with the bag charms, charm bracelets, keychain, necklace, and earring set.

To follow up, let’s look at some merchandise that allow for storing and admiring such lovely pieces.

Some stuffed toys and mirrors to add to the atmosphere.

And finally some bags to hold all that neat stuff and complete your collection.

All images and merchandise credited and © Disney.


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