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Gold and Silver Shine at the Disney Store

On very rare occasions do pins get released at the Disney Store. It seems that the recent emblem pin series at Tokyo Disney have also made their way to the local shops.

When pins arrive at the Disney Store, it is usually a very subtle and quiet affair. If you don’t check in every now and then, they are very easy to miss.

Like the Classic pins at TDR, the new pins feature Chip & Dale, Donald, Daisy, and Pooh at a modest price of 540 yen each.

Available for purchase only at Disney Stores.

Instead of shields, the other characters are displayed as either full-body pins or against a background of Mickey ears.

Only Goofy, Mickey and Minnie are available as full-body pins.
Mickey and Minnie are fashioned from the same gold metal of the pin, giving them an overall softer look.

Similar to the shield pins, the full body pins cost 540 yen each while the bigger Mickey ear pins go for 864 yen each.

It’s rather strange that only a handful of pins are sold at Disney Stores. Whether or not more characters will be released is another perplexing matter.


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