Disney Store · Tsum Tsums

Exclusive Tsum Tsum Set at Osaka’s Q’z Mall

April 27, 2016 marks the grand opening of the new Disney Store is opening at the Abeno Q’s Mall in Osaka. This is the third Disney Store in the Osaka City area. On top of that, similar to the one in Lucua, this one caters to adult women.

The new store boasts a large wooden decor where several characters will be hiding about. From the entrance of the store is a magical pathway designed from Tinker Bell’s pixie dust which is meant to start off your journey inside on a high note.

To commemorate the opening, a limited tsum tsum set exclusive to the Abeno Store will be available for purchase. At the price of 2700 yen comes Minnie, Daisy, Marie and Clarice. The 4 tsum tsums are wearing colourful polka-dotted dresses with neon tutus and ribbons. The girls all sport pink eyelashes to to top off their striking ensembles.


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