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First Ever Kingdom Hearts Symphonic Orchestra 2017 World Tour

  Japan loves anniversaries. It gives them a valid reason to hold an event or churn out limited merchandise. With Kingdom Hearts nearing its 15th year in the gaming industry, Square Enix is no exception. Advertisements

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Gold and Silver Shine at the Disney Store

On very rare occasions do pins get released at the Disney Store. It seems that the recent emblem pin series at Tokyo Disney have also made their way to the local shops.

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Exclusive Tsum Tsum Set at Osaka’s Q’z Mall

April 27, 2016 marks the grand opening of the new Disney Store is opening at the Abeno Q’s Mall in Osaka. This is the third Disney Store in the Osaka City area. On top of that, similar to the one in Lucua, this one caters to adult women.

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Zootopia Tsum Tsums

The release of Disney’s latest film has been advertised for about a month now and they have finally arrived at Japan Disney Stores!

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“The Classics” Gold Emblem Pins

Tokyo Disney Resort has added new characters to their gold emblem pin series. This time the spotlight is on the Classics that paved the way for it all.