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Happy Easter Disney Cupcakes

I have often come across magazine ads of sweets shop Ginza Cozy Corner advertising Disney themed cupcakes, and it was not until today that I was able to get a personal experience of these seasonal treats.

Ginza Cozy Corner caters to Disney fans with their character themed petite cupcakes. Made to be a bite-sized treat, the small cupcakes and tarts are exquisitely made, pleasing to both the eyes and the tastebuds without being overly sweet. A set of 9 comes at a price of 2100yen (about $20 USD).

From March 4th, you can purchase the Easter themed Disney petite pastries collection. Each cupcake has a particular flavour and texture so every bite is a wonderful surprise. It’s a real treat to munch on during that Shinkansen ride!

A. White Rabbit: white chocolate cream with raspberry jam
B. Rabbit: milk-flavoured chocolate glaze withchocolate cream
C. Piglet: cherry blossom (sakura) cream with bean paste
D. Daisy Duck: blueberry spongecake with cream cheese filling
E. Alice: chocolate mint cream tart
F. Donald Duck: yogurt-flavoured roll cake
G. Mickey Mouse: cream cheese tart
H. Winnie-the-Pooh: honey cream tart
I. Minnie Mouse: strawberry cream tart



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