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Alice in Lolita Design

The basis of the featured graphic boasts a floral Victorian-like fashion among a soft shades of blue and purple.

If you’ve ever ventured into the anime or idol scene, you probably have come across Lolita fashion. It boasts soft pastel colours in Victorian doll-like style. Recently, Japan’s Disney Stores have been busy collaborating with renowned lolita brand Baby The Stars Shine Bright and their pieces certainly prove to be eye-catching. 

Normally fashion posts have little feature here, but sometimes Disney churns out something that goes beyond your expectations that you just have to concede. Even if you are not an Alice in Wonderland fan (like yours truly), there’s no denying the elegance and gorgeous designs in blue.

Disney Store presents Curious Garden, a take of Alice in Wonderland through the lolita looking glass. While AiW tends to take on darker themes, as evident of the Mad Tea Party or Burton’s cinematic takes, in Japan Alice is often featured in Victorianesque themes as a nod to the story’s English beginnings.

Here are just a handful of merchandise decorated with the fanciful designs. I especially admire the flower pot.


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