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Disney on Classic: Spring Gala 2016


The Japan-based Disney on Classic live orchestra is back to kick-off their annual performances beginning with Spring Gala 2016

Performances are held exclusively in Japan, so should you happen to be in the country during one of their many concert dates (and have a working knowledge of Japanese or have a Japanese friend), it is a unique 2 hour experience for any Disney fan. It might be also worth knowing that they perform the English versions as several of their singers hail from Western countries.

The Orchestra Japan, along with conductor Brad Kelly, has recently announced this season’s musical program on their website.

  1. Tokyo Disney Sea 15th Anniversary Theme Song: When Your Heart Makes a Wish
  2. Pinocchio Memorial: When You Wish Upon A Star
  3. Disney Happiness Collection: Toy Story and Monster’s Inc
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  5. Hercules
  6. Schedule dependent: Lion King OR Aladdin



This event is solely in Japan and is largely catered to the Japanese population. As such, the entire ticketing process is done in Japanese. If you are physically in Japan and have a working knowledge of navigating the Japanese website, you can get a ticket from a convenience store or an online ticket agent. If you know the date you are going to be in Japan, it is also possible to beg ask a Japanese friend to acquire one for you in advance as their ticket sales dates start 2 months prior to the scheduled performance date.




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