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Easter and Spring 2016 Pin Releases

At the new carnival-like game booth that opened last December at Tokyo Disneyland, guests have a chance to win a giant plush toy of Chip and Dale. If that doesn’t work out, the consolation prize is a pin of a Disney character in Easter garb. Advertisements

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Disney’s Easter 2016: Hippity Hoppity Springtime

From March 25 to June 15 this year, Tokyo Disneyland will be celebrating their annual spring event with Hippity Hoppity Springtime. As you probably guessed from the title itself, this year’s Easter theme involves bunnies, Easter eggs, bunnies, egg relay races, and more bunnies.

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The Worst (and Best) Times to Go to Tokyo Disney

Did you know that on particular dates it is not uncommon for Tokyo Disney to have an average waiting time of 2 hours? Rather than telling you the best times to go to Tokyo Disney Resort, it would be far easier to tell you of the peak seasons.

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Happy Easter Disney Cupcakes

I have often come across magazine ads of sweets shop Ginza Cozy Corner advertising Disney themed cupcakes, and it was not until today that I was able to get a personal experience of these seasonal treats.

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Disney Sea 15th Anniversary: The Year of Wish Crystals

Tokyo Disney Sea celebrates 15 years of magic with The Year of Wishes. If you have ever went to the Tokyo parks during one of its anniversary events, you know that they take it rather seriously.

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Alice in Lolita Design

If you’ve ever ventured into the anime or idol scene, you probably have come across Lolita fashion. It boasts soft pastel colours in Victorian doll-like style. Recently, Japan’s Disney Stores have been busy collaborating with renowned lolita brand Baby The Stars Shine Bright and their pieces certainly prove to be eye-catching.