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What’s New: Disney Magical World 2

Known in Japan as “Magic Castle: My Happy Life”, and double the worlds means double the content.

Behold the box art.

The sequel to the game of the same name came out in Japan on November 5, 2015. The North American release date is scheduled for October 14, 2016 – nearly a year after the Japanese release. What took so long, you ask? The sheer amount of stuff.

Having collected all the stickers, I can tell you that there’s just so so so much more to do. The content and customization options have doubled given expansion to the home base and increased number of shops which will be briefly explained below.

(Keep in mind that I have never played the English version so the titles or names you see are taken straight from the Japanese version. Hopefully it is pretty straightforward.)


Castle Town
  • expanded to 3 areas:
    1. Residential Area
    2. Castle Front
    3. Main Castle Grounds
  • Mickey & Friends have their own houses which you can visit (similar to Toon Town)
  • Photo Shoot: can be taken anytime with the L+R buttons and has the option of adding a “sparkling” border
  • Treasure Hunt Quest: find rare items with a Disney character; certain rare items can only be attained via a particular character
  • Hand-held Accessory Shop Wagon: purchase handheld items to gain extra “Likes”
  • World Dungeon Challenges: defeat a certain number of enemies in a given time
Dream Fantasy Light Show
  • new “mini” worlds which provides several photoshoot opportunities
  • illuminated sceneries based on Disney’s Electrical Parade
  • world unlock when all the puzzle pieces for that particular world has been collected
  • interacting with characters allows you to collect more “Likes”
Fortune Teller Shop
  • 3 types of services:
    1. exchange “Likes” for world bonuses
    2. exchange “Likes” for rare items
    3. exchange gems for Dream Fantasy puzzle pieces
  • “Sparkles” now available via Minnie’s shop
Dance Hall
  • Princess-themed stages
  • more song varieties
  • prizes include princess-themed outfits
My House
  • entirely separate building from the café
  • The Three Little Pigs Home Renovation: change outer appearance of roof, foundation, door and mailbox
  • up to 4 Disney characters can now visit the café
  • new ranking of theme points determines which characters will come to the party
  • new dance platform visible in cafe
A newly added raised platform makes way for dance performances.
During the performance you can change camera angels, toggle lyrics, and take photos.
  • perform in a dance show along with selected Disney characters
  • can take photos during the performance
  • song lyrics can be toggled on/off during the dance show
  • male staff available
  • can assign differing outfits between male and female staff
Department Store
  • separated into 3 areas specializing in materials, clothing, and furniture
  • items are changed every 6 hours
  • some items are only attainable through the department store
Daisy’s Clothing Shop
  • changing colors of an outfit done through a separate store (Clarice)
  • handheld accessories now available
  • adventure outfits are part of the shop’s selections and not from Yen Sid
Minnie’s Salon
  • change player appearance
  • purchase sparkles


  • Winnie the Pooh – bigger farming plot; fishing area
  • Lilo & Stitch – hula dancing; surfing; massage
  • Frozen – via sailing to and back from main land
  • Snow White and the 7 Dwarves – mining for gems and Dream Lights puzzle pieces
  • The Little Mermaid – transform into a mermaid; concert performance
  • Alice in Wonderland – expanded grounds


All images © Disney.


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